Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients. 

You Asked, We Answered

Your welcome!

We only accept projects with minimum budget of 1,000 USD/ INR 70,000.

At times, Yes. Feel free to ask us for a free consultation while requesting your quote. 

…. Feel free to reach out to him. We know a bunch of guys who pays us what we ask for. 

Because we believe. ‘there is no perfect size that fits all’.

Yes please. We will only be able to proceed after you sign the contract. 

Yes, We generally ask for 50% Deposit upfront.

We only accept Bank Transfer and Transferwise for payments.  

Apologies, we are not currently looking forward to any collaborations with any Web Development Agency, but thanks for asking. 

We understand that there might be projects which you wanna keep to yourself. So Yes, we do accept whitelabel projects but any illegal or unethical project is a big No.

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Once the project has been completed, we present you with the awesome work we did for your business and deliver the same.